Family Law Dispute Resolution Solicitor in Strathpine, QLD

If people who have separated disagree as to when the children of the relationship are to spend time with the other parent, there is a requirement to attend counselling with a family dispute resolution practitioner before either party can make an application to Court.

The purpose of this mediation is to try and make a framework about how the children are to be raised and when each parent will spend time with the children. We have been very fortunate to be able to interview Gary Shepherd, an FDR practitioner, who is both a lawyer and a qualified social worker. Gary has had over 40 years experience in this area and he helps explain what parties will do when they go to such a mediation and what outcomes are available. Gary has an enormous amount of experience in this area and here he explains the process and what his involvement is in the discussions.

Gary also explains what documents he must issue after the mediation before parties can invoke the court process.