Body Corporate

Do I need Body Corporate advice?

In Queensland, a Body Corporate is created when land is subdivided and registered at the Land Titles Office as a Community Titles Scheme. In Queensland, Body Corporates are governed by the Body Corporates and Community Management Act. This is a substantial and complex piece of legislation requiring the highest levels of legal expertise.

Big Law Pty Ltd has a high degree of competence in preparing small scheme Community Management Statements (CMS) for owner-builders subdividing their land or those clients who wish to build a granny flat onto an existing home. We liaise with your surveyor, bank, and town planner. We prepare the draft CMS for sealing at your local council as well as the name reservations and consents, for eventual lodgement at the Department of Environment and Resource Management.

Our advice will vary depending on the following circumstances:

  • The number of units or townhouses in the development
  • The Local Authority involved
  • Whether there is a mortgage
  • Whether any easements are required

If an easement needs to be prepared, we can assist with this to this prior to preparation of the CMS. If after the CMS has been registered you wish to engage a Body Corporate Manager, we can assist you with this.