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Before Signing the Business Lease

It might come as a surprise, but it is by no means a rare event for a business owner who is contemplating new premises, to overlook something that if missed, can have a catastrophic impact on their business.

In this podcast, Stuart Auld of QCS Group discusses the issue.

What is Stamp Duty?

You may be in the process of buying a house, a car or something else and you’ve been sledged with a stamp duty bill and then wonder, “what is stamp duty?”

In this podcast, Big Law’s Tony Biggar answers the question and exposes some things you may not know about stamp duty, but should.

Things you Should Think About Prior to Separation

Sadly, separation and divorce impacts upon so many people and the lead-up time to actually making that move can be incredibly difficult.

From both a practical and legal perspective, there are of course, some things that you need to consider during this period.

In this podcast, Big Law’s Matt Stimpson offers great information on what you should think about at this time.