Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of your Lawyer?

Your lawyer is your adviser and is the ONLY person in the transaction whose role it is to protect your legal interests.

As your lawyer, it is our role to represent you during the conveyancing transaction. This role requires us to examine the contract or a situation to determine whether you are in dispute with a party to the transaction, decide which party (there may be more than one) is involved, and to determine your rights or responsibilities in relation to that party. We must then provide you with legal advice, obtain your instructions, and do what is necessary to properly fulfil your instructions.

To learn more about the roles of a lawyer, check out our process.

Do I need to come into the Big Law office?

Not necessarily. You are of course most welcome to make an appointment to see us if you want to, but most conveyances can be completed via phone, fax, email, and post.

When you sell you have to sign transfer documents and your signature on those documents needs to be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace / Commissioner for Declarations / Legal Practitioner. For your convenience, Big Law has a number of qualified witnesses who can assist you.

Buying and selling a property – how does it work?

Commercial property transactions can be highly complex. There are many nuances and pitfalls for the inexperienced to navigate. It is essential that you work with an experienced lawyer you can trust, and who can successfully guide you through the transaction process. Whether you are an experienced property developer or are entering the commercial property market for the first time, Big Law will do everything necessary to ensure a successful outcome.

What happens if there is a legal problem with my contract?

Big Law can provide advice and guidance in situations that require a high level of legal expertise. We have experience in dealing with unusual and difficult situations.

What is “cooling off”, and who can cool off?

Cooling off is a term used to describe the right of a purchaser of residential real estate to cancel the contract and walk away from the purchase on a “no questions asked” basis within a specified period of time, but paying a penalty of 0.25% of the purchase price which is deducted from the deposit paid by the purchaser.

In the state of Queensland, the cooling-off period expires 5 clear business days from the day on which the purchaser (or their lawyer) receives a copy of the contract signed by both the purchaser and seller.

When do we require payment?

We will only require payment of our professional fees and outgoings at the settlement of your property.

Stamp Duty is required to be paid one month after the contract becomes unconditional or on settlement, whichever is earlier. We usually accept payment of stamp duty on the day of settlement as long as payment is by bank cheque.

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Happy Clients

At Big Law we’re dedicated to providing excellent legal help delivered in a manner that our clients understand.

Why Choose Big Law Lawyers, Strathpine?

At Big Law, our key priority is providing people and businesses of the Strathpine and surrounding areas with the very best quality legal help. Our diverse practice areas mean that we can take care of your issues from the most simple to the most complex. We like to say that we provide the quality of legal help that you may expect from a large Brisbane CBD law firm.

We’re conveniently located in Strathpine with ample parking.

No Hidden Legal Fees

At Big Law, you can be guaranteed that you’ll never received unexpected legal bills in the mail. We offer transparent legal pricing for all matters.

Top Quality Legal Help

At Big Law, quality legal help is our focus. You can expect from us, the very best legal advice in the matters we specialise.

Conveniently Located

No need to head to Brisbane CBD to get great legal help. We purposely established Big Law in Strathpine for your convenience.

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