Conveyancing Contract

Do I need to seek legal advice before I sign a contract?

It is recommended that you seek our advice before signing. We can give you legal advice in relation to the standard terms of the contract as well as any special terms which may have been inserted. We can also advise as to whether any special conditions need to be included for your benefit and protection.

Just fax, email or deliver the unsigned contract and we will advise you of the terms of the contract or lack thereof.

What happens if there is a legal problem with my contract?

Big Law Pty Ltd Solicitors are able to provide advice and guidance in situations that require a high level of legal expertise. We have experience in dealing with unusual and difficult situations.

What is “cooling off”, and who can cool off?

Cooling off is a term used to describe the right of a purchaser of residential real estate to cancel the contract and walk away from the purchase on a “no questions asked” basis within a specified period of time, but paying a penalty of 0.25% of the purchase price which is deducted from the deposit paid by the purchaser.

In the state of Queensland, the cooling off period expires 5 clear business days from the day on which the purchaser (or their lawyer) receives a copy of the contract signed by both the purchaser and seller.