Our Process

The Role of your Lawyer

Your lawyer is your adviser and is the ONLY person in the transaction whose role it is to protect your legal interests.

As your lawyer, it is our role to represent you during the conveyancing transaction. This role requires us to examine the contract or a situation to determine whether you are in dispute with a party to the transaction, decide which party (there may be more than one) is involved, and to determine your rights or responsibilities in relation to that party. We must then provide you with legal advice, obtain your instructions, and do what is necessary to properly fulfill your instructions.

Sometimes a potential adversary may attempt to convince you that it is in your interests to do things their way. For example, the real estate agent may claim to be assisting you by writing a condition into the contract on your behalf. Or your finance broker may tell you to do something that is contrary to our advice.

Remember, no other party to the transaction is being paid specifically to advise, assist and protect you. “Free” advice offered by others is often only worth what it costs!

Are all Conveyancing Solicitor the same?

Not at all. Like any other service, your experience will depend on the firm you choose. Be wary of accepting the cheapest quote.

Do I need to come into the Big Law Pty Ltd office?

Not necessarily. You are of course most welcome to make an appointment to see us if you want to, but most conveyances can be completed via phone, fax, email, and post. When you sell you have to sign transfer documents and your signature on those documents needs to be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace / Commissioner for Declarations / Legal Practitioner.

For your convenience, Big Law Pty Ltd has a number of qualified witnesses who can assist you.

Easy access to our team

Big Law Pty Ltd believes that one of the things that set us apart from many of the other conveyancing firms is the easy direct access that you will have to the solicitor responsible for your property transaction.

There are very experienced conveyancing paralegals that will handle much of the work and you will find them easily accessible and responsive to your needs. However, you are always welcome to talk direct to Tony at any stage of the matter.