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At Big Law – Strathpine Family Law Lawyers, we understand that the road ahead can be difficult. We provide holistic legal help that helps both you and your family move forward.

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The break down of a personal relationship can be one of the most distressing and emotionally challenging episodes in a person’s life, contact Strathpine Family Lawyers.

At BigLaw we understand what our clients are going through and the pressures they face. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with the best possible advice and support at the time of their greatest need.

In 2006, significant changes were made to the Family Law Act. These changes require a high level of knowledge and commitment from your legal advisor. In this respect, it is vitally important that you receive the best advice at the earliest time to ensure an optimum outcome for all concerned.

Our Strathpine Family Law lawyers are dedicated to achieving sensible cost-effective outcomes for our clients in the most difficult of times.

Property Settlements

A Property Settlement is the division of property and assets between a couple upon separation of a de facto relationship or dissolution of a marriage. read more

Care of the Children

The care and well-being of any children in a relationship is the primary consideration in any separation. read more


Every relationship is unique and the circumstances surrounding divorce are equally unique.  If you find yourself contemplating the unfortunate breakdown of your relationship, you should seek professional legal advice right away. read more

Dispute Resolution

A few years ago a requirement that everybody should attend counselling with a family dispute resolution practitioner before either party can make an application to Court. read more

Legal Fees

At Big Law we endeavour to keep our fees to the least reasonably possible. Our Fees are based on a modification of the Family Law Scale under The Family Law Act. read more

Big Law Family Law Solicitors Strathpine are ready to assist you right now in property settlements, child custody, care of children and divorce.

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At Big Law we provide holistic legal solutions to legal matters.

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